About Us

About Us

Adopting intensive quality control methods, we, Mahadebi Rice Mill, are offering the best varieties of Minikit Rice and Sortex Rice. We know that the key to successful rice production is having the right technology and methods in place. We boast of having the best of rice hullers, combine harvesters, polishers, paddy cleaners, destoners and paddy sorters at our plant, which help us bring forth a nutritious range of Long Grain Minikit Rice, Special Minikit Rice, Premium Sortex Rice, First Choice Premium Bashkati Silky Sortex Rice, etc., in various pack sizes. We usually sell rice in 25 kg packs but can also offer customized packaging and net quantities to buyers. Sweet, fluffy, starchy, long grain, highly aromatic or shiny, whatever the requirement, we can cater to rice in all varieties with our expertise and resources.

As an ethical rice supplier and manufacturer, we make sure that the range we offer is grown by means of environmentally friendly production methods without any use of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We exert all efforts keeping food safety and quality in mind. Therefore, after production, we send bags of rice for strict quality inspection on many quality parameters. Bags of rice are then are then forwarded to the packaging team, post quality evaluation. Only approved quality rice is forwarded to our packaging department. We then send perfectly packed products to our network of retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets and other clients, as per need. This way, our brands, Mahadebi Rice, Gold Star, Super Pride and First Choice, make their way into numerous households of India. Our brands are chosen again and again for their taste, aroma, nutritional value and shelf life.

Our Aim

With four market popular rice brands, our reach is spread all over the country. Our aim is to reach foreign shores and make real difference to how consumers purchase quality rice in bulk across global markets.

Why Choose Us?

  • Technology: We have the power of latest technology at our mills. All hi-tech equipment required for bulk rice production are available, and these machines operate in full throttle as they take care of multiple rice varieties and hardly require any tiresome adjustments during large-scale production. 
  • Pricing: We know how to eliminate unnecessary and redundant costs and deliver great savings to buyers. As our production methods centre around generating less waste and more output, we can sell high grade rice like Long Grain Minikit Rice, First Choice Premium Bashkati Silky Sortex Rice, Special Minikit Rice, etc., to Indian consumers at marginal rates. 
  • Packaging: We upgrade packaging as per evolving trends and implement all measures that can retain fragrance and improve shelf life of products. Good packaging is also crucial for making safe delivery. Therefore, we use best grade polypropylene bags featuring good insect-resistant properties to pack and transport our range, so that excessive moisture, high temperature or any other factors do not lead to product spoilage during transportation. 

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Contact Us

Village. Amila Bazar, Post. Amila, Distt. Purba Bardhaman, Burdwan, West Bengal, 713423, India
Phone :+918062733432